Tuesday, February 22, 2011

V-synth Multi-timbral Explained (Play layered sounds like the GT)

The V-synth original (2.0 software) can play more than one patch, layered, and there is a multi-timbral mode. Unfortunately this is slightly hidden in two menus. The only downside is that there are some power & fx limitations.

What is Multi-timbral?

The ability to play more than one patch simultaneously via the keyboard or via 16 midi channels. These channels can also be played back by sequencer or computer. (USB or MIDI).

What Can't it do?

The V-synth cannot use more than one FX bus. All loaded patches (2-16) are loaded through the first main (1) channel's FX bus. For instance if your first patch uses a reverb, all patches will use that same reverb slot. If distortion is in the MFX slot, patches that route to that MFX slot will also sound distorted. Just edit effects to taste and watch levels.

You cannot edit FX routing levels of multiple patches simultaneously. There is no screen for this. Routing levels are saved within each patch. This is not a problem if you think ahead of time and do it on a one by one basis.

V-synth cannot play all 16 channels simultaneously. You will run out of polyphony (notes) way before this.

What CAN it do?

Reliably, you can trigger up to 4 patches simultaneously!!! You can play these layered patches with the keyboard or via midi (usb). I believe that is more than the GT (correct me if I'm wrong), which only does two patches or voices.

How To - Multimbral & Layering Setup :

1. Select your main patch. For your first time, use one that is not distorted or chorused, but has enough reverb.


3. Turn the first four patch slots ON. (or all 16 if you are going to use 16 midi parts with a sequencer)

4. Set every midi channel to "1" This makes it playable on your keyboard which probably uses channel 1 if you havent changed it.

5. EXIT to the main patch edit screen. This is where its kind of weird....

6. In the drop down menu go to INFO. Pretty descriptive huh?? Its almost like they hid it.

7. Here, in the INFO screen, you can change each channel's patch. Change the first four that we are using. Experiment to get different layered effects. Remember that changing channel 1 will also will change FX and you will lose your patch data if you forgot to save.

8. Your good to go! Whether playing 4 patches at once, or setting up a 16 part multi-timbral sequence, you won't be bored just by playing one patch like normal!

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