Friday, February 19, 2010

Video: 52 Reason Tricks by James Bernard

52 Reason and Record Tips by James Bernard Week 1 from James Bernard on Vimeo.

Smile.DK, new album coming.


February 18, 2010

Smile is back in the studio!

Announcing the recording of a new album...

The Smile Team would like to announce that is back in the studio recording their new album "The Make-Up Collection".

More details about the album will be announced soon.

~The SMiLE Team

from facebook:

Aaaa so much fun!!Just arrived home from the studio! There is alot of exiting things going on!!Lots of love

Blog Link or Facebook Link

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drumaxx Public Beta4


We will release it as "pay what you think it's worth" with a €9 minimum of which we give €1 to a charity in Haiti.

Drumaxx emulates real drum membranes & mallets.

I couldn't get the mac version to run in Logic 8. However it did load in other programs.

One suggestion I would have is to have dimensional values on each knobs so the user could write them down then build an approximation of their drum in real life. Like a drum shell designer. Also snare springs on / off, tightness, and size would be an interesting suggestion beyond the mallet noise knob. Searching the internet I couldn't find any software that lets you hear or design acoustic drums.


Perhaps this is similar to the Jomox M.Brane 1_1?

Roland Juno 106 Blue Led Mod


To top it off, the plastic side panels have been replaced with nicely figured pieces of quilted maple.


Pictures and auction here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Acidlab Bassline 2 TB-303 on Ebay



Handmade in germany by a true underground electronic music enthusiast. Its not exactly like a 303, I believe only the real thing can be, but this one has its own unique voice that's just as rewarding.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roland W30 on Ebay


Comes with original factory and 10 professional disks from midi mark.

Auction Link

Vintage Sample Archives


Instead of new samples of vintage gear, how about some OLD samples all created and archived before 2001, when this decade went to crap. Some of these directories haven't been changed since 1995!!!!! It is a miracle they are still available! I imagine files sitting on some old hard drive, in the dark, probably covered with dust, still running. The are owners mummified in the next room and utility companies to big to bother to cut the power. Oh well, free samples!

Netboy "W30"

Obviously a guy, maybe japanese who used a W30. Last modified March 2000. Contains samples created in 1997 etc. Lots of roland, drum machines, and old breakbeats.

Mirror of "Hornet"

Descriptions of these sample packs available on this website which must be the original location (with non-working links).

Internet Trash

Internettrash "sample direct" Probably another mirror with some of same packs and description.

Some of the samples are in .XI format which are capable of being opened in Fast Tracker 2 and Milky Tracker. To open .XI wavs in OS X, Use Milky Tracker load the sample, hit 16 bit, then "NO" when it asks you to convert.

Roland JX-8P Analog Synthesizer

Monday, February 1, 2010

Korg DS-10 Plus golden out next month

"The music synthesizer lets anyone make music and you'll get more bang for your buck if you use KORG DS-10 Plus on a DSi rather than a DS. Playing the game on the DSi will get you 12-voice polyphony, four tracks for the analog synthesizer simulator, two drum machine and more. Additionally, up to eight units can be linked together to play music or exchange songs with on either the DS or DSi."

Found on Destructoid

New Italo Music: Cosmoride By Dreamtime

This guy makes crazy music.
Check out ANySyNTH's channel