Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roland JX-8p Patches Final Archive ($20)

Get the sysex of my JX-8p final archive. 50% Techno 50% Vintage/Moog/80s/Funk! Its an entire internal memory (32) plus almost a cartridge full (with room for blanks / templates), for a total of 61 presets. These are all my techno basses, pads, strings, and moog sounds. Not all are re-releases, as many have not been heard or have been reworked or tweaked. All sounds are guaranteed useable for modern productions.

Only $20!

A list of presets below the cut:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moog Voyager XL



Is this real?

Page Link

found on gearslutz via

Novation UltraNova


Novation's new 37 analog modeling keyboard with 14 filter types and wavetables.

Check out the specs on this page

It also has pre-filter distortion and 5 effects slots!