Friday, August 13, 2010

NES CHIP Collection ($30) Now For Ableton


The NES Chip Collection is now available as an Ableton Live Pack! Only $30

Product Info:

Do you want to make chip tunes? Or integrate the sound of the NES into your music? You do not have to buy the NES or mess around old gear and software that doesnt quite emulate that natural sound 8 bit sound. These are profesionally recorded samples at 24 bit 96khz bit rate directly from the NES output on the back of the machine. People will actually think you have an NES with midi. Every Square wave, Sine, Noise, and even 8-bit percussive samples.

8 Bit Drum WAVE sound files
NES Square Waves files

The NES Sine wave

Individual NES Noise WAVE files with integrated refill patch!

Custom NES FX WAVES Files

Ableton Live Project


1. Zelda Rave A remix done in Reason 3.0

2. Second Player An original composition by Sammy Taters

3. Tendo A demo mastered in Reason 3.0

Pay and receive the samples now!

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  1. are these still available and can be bought?
    i dont know how old this site is