Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trying out the Future Retro Revolution (Mp3)

I made a cheesy dance track, with a 3 chord progression using the awesome pattern sequence and remix mode.

LINK: Trees (MP3)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Using Oscilliscopes to Emulate Analog Gear in Reason


This tip can work with any software or hardware. The point of this tutorial is to learn how to use an oscilloscope for the first time and experiment by making matching waveforms.

1. Download Smexoscope a free oscilloscope plugin for Mac and PC.

2. Open your DAW

3. Create an input for your hardware synth, and add Smexoscope on it.

4. Create a software synth track and add another copy of Smexoscope. (you can use Subtractor and Rewire or any plugin you can think of)

5. Choose which will be the source and which will be the target. (hard or soft synth)

6. Play the same note on each synth. Loop it.

7. Adjust the timing knob. Hit freeze mode on the target track in Smexoscope. (the one you want to copy)

8. Now play with waveshaping and synthesis in your software, like reason over rewire, or any plugin and match the pictures you see. You will want to experiment a lot to get similiar shapes, and you may not get it exactly.

Tip: Start with the basic shape on one OSC, then add modifying OSCs and filters. If your software uses subtractive synthesis (like reason Subtractor) you can get pretty close to the basic wave shape.

Now you can use both your eyes and your ears to get similiar sounds in your plugins and patches.