Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mix in 5 Channel "Super Prologic" With Leftover Home Amplifiers

Got an extra home amplifier that use Dolby Prologic? What about three?

The human ear can easily tell where sound is coming from. With only two (stereo) or three (prologic) front speakers, we haven't yet gone far enough to trick the brain into believing we are in a natural sound field. We need five front speakers! When digital surround standards added more rear channels, they were neglecting our front-ward listening abilities. Thankfully its still possible to enjoy this setup with a only a stereo source (mixer, keyboard, dvd, cd, or workstation) and common analog dolby prologic amplifiers.

Goal: To use three Dolby Prologic home amplifiers to spread an audio signal across five front speakers for improved sound imaging

You Need:

-Three Amplifiers With Dolby Prologic Mode (Two with discrete RCA outputs)

-RCA Cable & Speaker Cables

-Five Speakers (Left, Mid Left, Center, Mid Right, and Right)


Note: if you have surround speakers & sub, you can hook those up normally for 8 or 9 channel dolby prologic.

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