Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is PreSonus Studio One better than Logic?


Presonus Studio One has a great interface, but does it work better than Apple's Logic Pro? The layout is very similiar to Logic and more-so like Garage Band, but there are differences which make it a more streamlined and powerful music making experience.

Drag and drop audio instruments make it instantaneous to add a VST or AU in Studio One. No longer do you have to 1. add track 2. select audio instrument 3. scroll through a list 4. create a midi section in the sequencer 5. double click it to get it to work. With Studio One all you have to do is find the instrument from the list on the right, drag it over and double click the sequencer. Everything necessary to get working on the audio instrument comes up like the instrument's editing window and its piano roll.

Transport controls differ slightly. Studio Ones aren't as big and are not colored. Logic Pro's transport controls are easier to look at and use.

Studio One's piano roll is better than Logic's. Create note tool won't get mixed up, but is easily accessible by pressing command (apple). Quantize also instantly adjusts the spacing you want notes will snap to. In logic, notes are harder to grab and adjust often giving you weird note lengths. Velocity on studio one is also easily accessible under each note like other Daws.

Dragging and dropping FX is easy, but knowing where to edit them once they are set up is not immediately apparent. Double clicking the track brings up Mixer Mode and the insert panel, which features all FX.

Last but not least, Regions are easier to grab and edit than Logic's. No longer will you have to make sure the measure bar is perfectly aligned when copying and pasting. Odd copy & paste behaviour is a big problem with logic. Studio One, again makes it easy to paste regions and get them aligned with the snap feature.

Overall the interface is easier to read graphically, tools don't get mixed up, and midi instruments/audio devices seem to set get up properly. I find this software better than my copy of Mackie Traktor, and at first use, better than Logic. PreSonus Studio One is worth checking out!

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