Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vintage Sample Archives


Instead of new samples of vintage gear, how about some OLD samples all created and archived before 2001, when this decade went to crap. Some of these directories haven't been changed since 1995!!!!! It is a miracle they are still available! I imagine files sitting on some old hard drive, in the dark, probably covered with dust, still running. The are owners mummified in the next room and utility companies to big to bother to cut the power. Oh well, free samples!

Netboy "W30"

Obviously a guy, maybe japanese who used a W30. Last modified March 2000. Contains samples created in 1997 etc. Lots of roland, drum machines, and old breakbeats.

Mirror of "Hornet"

Descriptions of these sample packs available on this website which must be the original location (with non-working links).

Internet Trash

Internettrash "sample direct" Probably another mirror with some of same packs and description.

Some of the samples are in .XI format which are capable of being opened in Fast Tracker 2 and Milky Tracker. To open .XI wavs in OS X, Use Milky Tracker load the sample, hit 16 bit, then "NO" when it asks you to convert.

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