Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pro Tip: Controlling Dubstep Bass

Ever had trouble manually matching LFO rate to the tempo to make dubstep bass? Have a keyboard that uses splits or combis? Try this tip for instant wobble gratification!

1. First use this tutorial and get your basic wobble bass patch ready. This will be the slow version or 4/4 filter sync

Come back when your ready.

2. Create a copy of the patch on the upper registers of your keyboard

3. Adjust the copy's filter mod rate to 16th or 12th notes. This is the faster wobble sound.

4. Adjust the filter if necessary. Transpose down appropriately.

Now you can just hit a key on the upper registers to get the fast wobble or hook in your musical phrase. The filter is perfectly matched to the music, allowing you to experiment! Creating multiple copies of the same bass with slight modification creates interest for the listener.

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