Friday, September 4, 2009

PSP Beaterator: Whats taking so long?

200909050933.jpgWhat is taking so long for Rockstar to make a PSP music creation game? Popular websites list Beaterator as a Rockstar creation in 2005. I know I played something with exact same interface, name, and flash technology running on a different website earlier than 2005. I'm taking a guess that it was purchased or liscensed by Rockstar and is finally making its way. WHATS TAKING SO LONG? I don't think anyone has been anticipating its release. I haven't. I remember playing Beaterator free on the web years ago. Corporate control made it disappear. Its only after Rockstar took control of Beaterator that I wasn't able to play it anymore!

I'm not going to buy it on PSP to support a flash game that was intended to be free and intended for everyone to use. I hope it doesn't sell well at all.

There are many free homebrew music creation titles on the PSP with similiar features!

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