Friday, September 11, 2009

iTunes 9: Worse

Quick review of what I think about the drawbacks of iTunes 9 are.

1. Minimizing the window to "mini player" is now a 3-button command. The green upper left button no longer functions if you think about it. Collapsing itunes to get it out of my way was the only feature I used the most. Nobody ever remembers quick commands. Those were designed for power users who were doing repetitive graphics work. I want iTunes 8 back just to get this feature minimize to the mini player please!! WTF.

2. The interface is harder to look at. They tried to candy it up even farther, but fucked up. The pause/play button is now whiter. But the playlist background is white. This is bad because you do not want a non-object (the background) to correlate color wise with the main buttons. Its giving me a 3d headache. Poor use of dimension.

3. I don't like how ever new feature requires an iTunes account now. It seems like apple wants to know what data is on your CPU. Why would I need an iTunes account to share across a home network? Lame.

Verdict: Its just an mp3 player. Screwing up the minimize window function and making it a key-command makes me want to digg up Soundjam MP.

UPDATE. FIXED!!!!! AN UPDATE to iTunes brings back the green button maximize function.

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