Friday, September 4, 2009

Apple & Behringer's Website LOLs


Behringer has decided to copy the layout and navigation features from Apple's website. Personally I think Apple deserves it and that Behringer should be free to do so if they want to present themselves that way. Apple's is like Behringer but worse because they provide generic hardware at a premium price. At least behringer is cheap. Apple stopped having their own chips, motherboards, and other features custom designed so they can repackage the cheap components for profit. The base for the OS is copied from Unix. They threw out most of their technology years ago and stopped being cutting edge when they stopped pushing the latest hardware standards in PPC machines (No blu-ray? No e-sata? etc. etc.)

I don't think bloggers should be complaining about it since we basically copy news article from other sites too. No big deal.

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