Monday, July 6, 2009

V-synth Acid by Chip Collection

Roland V-synth Acid Patch Emulation from Chip Collection on Vimeo.

Here I use samples and a really customized performance patch to emulate the TB-303 & TR-909 on the V-synth. This is an awesome Rebirth style setup that can be re-used.

The midi control knobs control more than one function. C1 opens the cosm filter and adds more reverb effect send. C2 Controls the levels on OSC1 (Where drum samples are loaded) and also closes the resonance on OSC2. I could have used the D-Beam and also tested resonance to the extremes, but maybe next time.

The Arpeggiator turned on and set to 16steps lets us create & loop our patterns. The drum samples all have their own zone. No loops are being used.
Next time I'll show you how I create the Arpeggiation/step pattern in the V-synth...

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