Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Propellerhead Releases Record Software

"We figured it was time that someone took a fresh look at recording from a musician's perspective. Not needing to bolt music features onto an aging audio application, we truly started from scratch with full knowledge of today's computer architectures and capabilities. Record is the result," says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. "In short we wanted to do what we've always done — help people make more and better music."

 Productimages Propellerhead-Reinvents-Recording-Music-With-Record Large-Recordsequencer
 Productimages Propellerhead-Reinvents-Recording-Music-With-Record Large-Recordmixingconsole
 Productimages Propellerhead-Reinvents-Recording-Music-With-Record Large-Recordrack

It looks like Record is a seperate app from Reason, but contains some of the same modules, like the RV7000. Mixer section looks improved. Something cool is that it contains Guitar FX from Line6, so people will be already familiar with it. Other modules are all designed to aid in the recording process.

I would like to review this and compare it to the Reason sequencer, which could sometimes be confusing. The price seems right at $299.


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