Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gear Hunting with MASH

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Ever needed to find a new piece of used gear? Chances are that if your looking for the best price and you don't want to spend time searching many sites. Mash helps simplify your search and will get you better prices.

So you've checked ebay and were taken back by the poor deals. You checked Craigslist, but there wasn't what you wanted in your area. If you were smart you might have tried a google search "craigslist + the name of your wanted gear." The problem is that google doesn't update fast enough and doesn't show you enough results. Its also hard to compare right against ebay. It was an okay method, but not after I found Mash.

Check out Mash script with this example:
Which simultaneously searches ebay & craigslist for the Moog Voyager with newest results first.

Awesome! Just beware of scams and make sure you always get enough information from the seller!

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