Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SMiLE.DK and CDs Becoming Collectibles: Buy Em' Up

While looking for old music to buy on CD, I was startled by some of the used prices. $20, $30...$80...for a ten year old cheesy eurodance album?? Looks like its time to start collecting physical discs before the prices skyrocket.

Electronic Dance Music Never Dies

Electronic Dance Music may evolve but its never going away.
Disco--->Italo-->Eurodance-->J Pop/DDR-->Electronic Misc.---->Future (You create the future)


From "Party Around the World" a new album by Smile.DK

Buy happy music directly with MONEY via iTunes, Amazon, etc. Support the artists in these times.

Inversely please pirate negative music, and don't go to their concerts. Delete it off your computer.
We need more happy, uplifting music in the world! THX.

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