Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter NAMM 2009 links

A new M50 by Korg with 76 keys.

 Productimages Large 000050347

 Productimages Large 000050345
Korg releases the Pink Kaossilator.

 Productimages Large 000050369
Korg releases the nano controllers in black.
Is all you could do was come up with new colors?

So far there is nothing too exciting to report about winter NAMM. Maybe everyone is buying guitars this year?

Nova Drive presented by Uffe Hansen at NAMM '09
This is kind of cool, a combination overdrive & distortion thats analog, with presets! Midi controlled too. Sounds like a premium pedal.

Kinda retarded but cool. The ultimate hacked TR707
Diabolical Devices TR-707 at NAMM 2009

More as I find it...

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