Friday, January 23, 2009

Two-Step Equalization Tip in Logic

You can use this tip for mastering, after compression or adding on a single track that needs mastering.

In Logic Audio there is the Match EQ. It is designed to match EQ curves with other material. It does this when you play material through it and automatically takes a snapshot of the EQ curve, which you can apply to any other material on your computer. BUT we are going to use it in a backwards type of way which will be a corrective EQ on the same track to get a slightly better balance.


Step One: Hit the "LEARN" button, and play the material through it in logic. Wait till your song is done. An EQ curve is now created.


Step Two:
Hit the "MATCH" button, which has an equals sign. Bring the "APPLY" slider into negative territory.
Thats it!!!

Make sure you don't boost the audio too high with this method. If you look at the graph I gave +6db max, which happened to be the upper range. EQ curves will depend on your material. (You can also go in by hand and drag points with this plugin, if your really picky). Too much subtraction and it will make your mix sound like a tin can.

Overrall, this method is supposed to add a little bit of balance and shine onto your mix!

I'm currently looking for a Multi-band compressor that is this easy to use and has this amount of precision, on the Mac - as it would make mastering a 5 minute process instead of 3 hours it seems to take by hand ^_^

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