Monday, January 26, 2009

Native Instruments Answers the Call

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In a previous post I hint that software designers should synthesize more common sounds, or develop new types of synthesis. It looks like Native Instruments has something close: Acoustic Refractions. It uses an exaggeration of acoustic sound by electronic means. (Kontakt, Absynth, FM8)

The brand-new ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS KORE SOUNDPACK delves into a weird and wonderful world of highly idiosyncratic sound design. Ever wondered what it would be like to turn the Golden Gate Bridge into a giant instrument? Or what musical potential can be found in blocks of ice?

They didn't invent a new type of synthesis here but it still looks and sounds cool for $80. I don't say this often, but it looks like its worth picking up!

Go here and take a listen.

I didn't know this but Kore Player is FREE with 300MB worth of sounds. Go download it!

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