Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Has every form of sound synthesis been invented?

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Seeing the lack of innovation and lack of products NAMM was worrying. What is the point of created the same synth over and over? Some were digital instrument versions which add to the convience, and are wanted, but they are only emulating technology invented over twenty years ago. Its taking the easy way out, but makes your company not as hot anymore, at least to me.

Here is a list of available types:
Subtractive synthesis
Additive synthesis
Granular synthesis
Wavetable synthesis
Frequency modulation synthesis
Phase distortion synthesis
Physical modeling synthesis
Sample-based synthesis
Subharmonic synthesis

Definition from wikipedia:
When any mechanical collision occurs sound is produced. The energy from the collision is transferred through the air as sound waves, which are perceived by the human auditory system.
By this definition there must be a greater horizon for sound.

Expanding physical modeling innovations, for the end user, along with today's processors, could be the greatest advance in sound generation ever.

Ideas: using a 3d scanner you could input physical objects, designate a material, then simulate what they sound like from the inside (reverb) or even what they would sound like being thrown at different surfaces with physics.
Why not make a synthesizer that can simulate the sound of an egg being crushed?? Maybe I want a building exploding from exactly 3 miles away. New, fun, models, and multiple parameters when changed, could create possibly bizzare, unheard of sound.

It sounds complex, but even a little bit of change, a little bring of fun, could bring in some fresh air and new money for those willing to pay for real creativity and not just another digital music device.

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