Monday, June 30, 2008

Ebay Auction: Yamaha Dx200

Here is an auction for a very nice FM synthesizer box.


The yamaha dx200 has the same FM style chip as the older DX7, except it comes with....KNOBS!! It seems to be in good condition, except for a normal problem on DX200s: slight selector knob tracking problem/dirt. Here is a link to the auction.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Ariel Pink

I just love this video. Ariel Pink is hilarious.
A reminder: The auction on this website ends in 4 days. Link.

New DS Homebrew Music Programs

Glitch DS is a stuttering sample player

And DSMCU is a Midi Controller app. Check that remote automated fader action!

From Hackaday

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking Advanced Orders on the LinnDrum II (Starting $1400)

 Products Linndrum2 Linndrum Ii Analog 3244X1720

Roger Linn is now taking advanced orders on his new LinnDrum II. There are two models, LinnDrum II ($1400), and LinnDrum II Analog ($1800).

Looks awesome!!

Go here to check out the page on their website.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boycott Phonica Records

Music is either supposed to be for fun or creativity. But Phonica is a cultural sewer drain for music. Phonica Records supports artists who blatantly rip works from lesser known acts. Phonica keeps the money without crediting the original artist. 40% or more of their music are just "re-edits" and are sold for profit, states this article in The Guardian. Put quite blatantly, Phonica sucks.

What can you do??? Get the word out and say "Boycott Phonica" on your blog. You can check their database, and also Search Youtube to see if someone posted a re-edit of your mix, which Phonica could be selling. Report content abuse on Myspace to get your content removed if necessary. You might be getting ripped off $$$ and not know it yet.

If you felt like you have been wronged by Phonica, or know anyone else who has, please post in the comments with your artist & song details. I will repost your story and let the world know. Chip Collection is fighting back for the recognition of original creators. With your help the right artists can make a stand. WE are the fame and money in the new internet age of music, not these edit-posers.

Get the word out and Boycott Phonica! Only dick holes play their music nowadays.

Roland Releases the Juno Stage & GW-8 Workstations

 Content Wp-Content Uploads 2008 06 Roland-Juno-Stage-Synth

Finally, full size keys on the Juno Stage Synthesizer! I think they fixed a fatal flaw that concerned people on the Juno-G (short keys). But wait, does it have record-in anymore??? The pianos sound nice.

Also the GW-8, another workstation, that is probably lower priced than the fantoms, closer to the incredibly boring Korg TR series.

 Products En Gw-8 Images Image 02 L

I'm not sure what the big difference is between these two. Ones is supposed to be a cool synth, and the other is a "standard" workstation, but they are probably just slightly different sound set chips?

Anyways, both look pretty interesting so far!! Its always nice to see new workstations.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hardfloor: Synths Vs. Software

I wish I had it again because the sound of the machine is something else, you can’t replicate it from a plug in
 Imagecache Graphics Graphics 474888205Cbbe41Eccf114D83Cb28D25
This is a very good article discussing the strengths and weaknesses of hardware vs. software, and the uniqueness of sound qualities that can be lost when making "the switch." Group hardfloor talks about the Roland TB-303 in the article

Link to the InTheMix article.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Win a $30,000 Artist Package Contest From Hobnox


We’re running an international contest for bans/musicians, filmmakers and cultural activists.
The winner of each category (music, film, culture) will be given an artist development package worth US$30,000 each. The package will be tailored accoding to the needs of the winner, supported by Hobnox and its network of industry professionals.
Submissions are accepted online now:

Hobnox is the makers of AudioTool, that I previously posted about.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chip Collection for Sale?

I haven't posted news in the blog as often as I'd originally envisioned. I've let the site run on autopilot the whole time, with minimal updates, mostly whenever I really felt like speaking my mind. If there is someone out there that wants control of The Chip Collection Blog & its attached online sample store, then this auction is for you. The bid is set below what I had it valued, and for something I'd be comfortable letting it go for. Even If no one is really interested, the site will go on like I normal!! I'm still into music/synths and I love this website. So I will continue if nothing happens. Thanks!

Click below to view details at the Site Point Auction:


Min Bid lowered to $8,000. Buy it Now for $14k.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Multi Format Samplers Now Supported

Just a note:

Multi-sample formats are now available for the Nes Wave Pack and SK1 Complete sample packs. Previously these were Reason Refills only, which are also still avaiable as a seperate product. Native Instruments, Giga, and Soundfont 2 are supported. Multisample Patches are included with seperate drum samples for easy, custom loading.

NES WAVE PACK - Multi Format Product (Giga, SoundFont 2, Native Instruments)

CASIO SK1 Complete - Multi Format (SoundFont 2 Compatible Samplers)

Thank you!
Chip Collection

Korg Nano Contollers

The controllers have a transport section. Nice!!!

All USB, theres a 9 channel fader, and a drum machine / XY pad. Seem to be priced very well, but then again, its not like it has actual keys there.

Video from Sonic State. Nice to check out.

Tesla Coil Plays Jean Michel Jarre. What?!

You can file this under waste of time, or awesomeness.
I didn't know you could tune electricity to play music!

By ArcAttack, an AV-DJ group:

As seen on Flickr...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Places to Host your music

I saw a post somewhere else on where people like to host their music and their artist profiles for free. This is a list of some of them that came up. Fuzz and Project Opus had the nicest looking websites, while iComp & Macjams seemed to have a really tight community. If you host your music anywhere else, let us know where, and how you like it.

Fuzz - Connecting People Who Create And Love Music

Project Opus - Supporting bands, Fans and local music everywhere

iCompositions - Empowering The Independent musician

Mac Jams - Mac. Music. Community


Thursday, June 5, 2008

D.I.Y. Or Die

Having a hit on radio doesn’t matter anymore. Nobody listens to radio for the music…
Thanks, LX7.CA

Check out his blog for interesting commentary and the rest of the videos. There looks to be 8 on youtube.