Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#1 Mistake of Hardware Manufacturers

 @Foodnotebook.Com Blog Kitchenaid-Pro-Line-Chefs-Blender

There is one single mistake that hardware manufacturers make everytime they create a product. It makes buyers move on, or wait till something else comes out. It keeps our money out of their pockets.

That mistake is.....

Missing Features.
Just think of how many times you did'nt buy something because another model did something a little bit extra. How many times has someone bought a piece of equipment and had been let down that it do some nit-picky thing, but would have made the music creation experience - or any product experience for that matter - so much better.

If hardware manufacturers would take more feedback from users they would have better products. If hardware manufacturers just spent a little extra time on a product they would be able to sell it alot faster, and chances would be that it would instantly be ahead of the competition. Instead there are tons of average and cheap products out there...alot of times you have to buy more than one from different companies to get the features you wanted - all when one manufacturer could have put it in an all in one box..

Missing features in any product are a total freaking letdown every time. Please put more time into product development. You will have alot of happy users and more money in the bank for your company. Musical instruments should not be treated like blenders.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mental Drumming

 Kaaby Brain4
When one of the three musicians started a mental music piece and the other two tried to accompany it, the brainwaves of the three synced up intermittently. "That was because they constantly needed to catch up with each other," said Sulzer.
A concert and an experiment in measuring people's brainwaves during music performance. Doesnt look they were setting up a traditional scientific experiement, but still looks cool.