Monday, November 3, 2008

Hot Gold Cuts


Available for download ($5) is my new studio album, Hot Gold Cuts!

Inspired by the feel of live recordings, this blend of electronica, lounge, and nasty electric-speaker-rock is set to move you into a new territory at an ever-increasing pace. Dark night cruisers, subspace rippers, organs, and mellow melodies are contained here. Various tracks, like Blackhawk and Hot Gold Cuts give you an updated 70s feel. Rollin Bass is eerily remeniscent of a certain frog puppet and Hyperspace Hotel sends you into deep space.
30Min. 192kb/s High Quality Mp3. 11 Tracks, all new & re-mastered; Contains Album Artwork for iTunes. Chip Collection Recordings 2008.


Hot Gold Cuts

1. Fire Pit Gremlins
2. Night Explorer
3. Rollin Bass
4. Sassy Snappers
5. Hyperspace Hotel
6. Hot Gold Cuts
7. Burned Marshmallows
8. Guitar Cruiser
9. Road Warriors
10. The Alley Rockers with Bats & Lead Pipe
11. Blackhawk

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