Friday, September 5, 2008

Public Service: Palin Supports Animal Cruelty

Mcain's fuck-faced running mate, Palin, supports aerial hunting of wolves and bears. She supported a bill that rewards persons to fly low and shoot animals from a plane. The bill gives a $150 reward for the sawed off legs of wolves. Screwed up!

Normally I don't put anything political on Chip Collection, but this involves animals and its something that needs to go "out there." Chip collection is against animal violence, especially in areas, like Alaska, that should be wildlife preserves. Wolves cannot defend themselves against these attacks, and in most cases, electric fences are a cheap protection against livestock. Hunting from planes is for pussies anyways. There is no reason to kill nature's wolves.

Please view this video and show it to your friends.
Warning it is a little graphic.


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