Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guitar Rig 3 retraction

Last month I posted a glowing review for Guitar Rig 3, and recommended it over Amplitube. Under more testing I can't do that anymore. Guitar Rig 3 has more distortion emulations, controls, recognizeable characteristics, and presets than amplitube. However, while testing it today I realized that it sounds like crap. I A/Bed guitar presets against some realistic sampled drums, it just sounded too digital in comparison. Part of this was the cabinet emulations fakey room reverb, and also part of it is the grainy texture of the sound. While practicing, it is not as noticeable and is actually very pleasant to work with. Its also easier to use and way more fun. Under mixing conditions is just of more concern. Certain presets do fix the problem, but I found a majority of the distortions very thin. Everything that came out of Guitar Rig 3 sounded okay, and comparable to the real deal, It was just very digital. I can't recommend it for musical use. I am still looking for a distortion holy grail on the mac platform.

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