Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Roland Releases the Juno Stage & GW-8 Workstations

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Finally, full size keys on the Juno Stage Synthesizer! I think they fixed a fatal flaw that concerned people on the Juno-G (short keys). But wait, does it have record-in anymore??? The pianos sound nice.

Also the GW-8, another workstation, that is probably lower priced than the fantoms, closer to the incredibly boring Korg TR series.

 Products En Gw-8 Images Image 02 L

I'm not sure what the big difference is between these two. Ones is supposed to be a cool synth, and the other is a "standard" workstation, but they are probably just slightly different sound set chips?

Anyways, both look pretty interesting so far!! Its always nice to see new workstations.

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