Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stupid Front Page Promotions on Myspace

Here is a new feature on Chip Collection where I make commentary on current bands that shelled out tons of money to put their face on the front of myspace. They all have a common thread: I can't remember them the next day AND they sound like the mid 90s in a bad way.

Mates of State


This band is making some type of attempt to be cool and original, but the only thing I will ever remember about them is their promo photos. In five seconds from now I will not remember their band's name, fortunately.

Why I hate them:

1. They sound like Dido meets the Olsen Twins and Alanis Morisette screaming, trapped under a rusty buick regal.
2. They wear eyeglasses in their pictures, which means they are dickholes in real life.

Positives: The girl looks ilke a dried up version of Pamela Anderson.

Check them out if you dare. Link

A Fine Frenzy

This would be innovative in the 90s, but not now.

Come On, Come Out

Why I hate them:

1. The girl has no idea what she is doing or where she is. I think she has a touch of Alzheimer's early.
2. The video takes place in a car.
3. The video takes place in Pete N Pete's neigborhood.

Well I have no idea what I'm listening to in her video. I just see her red hair.
Rip off-ville-city.

And for my last stupid myspace front page act:


Have you ben jelen? HAVE YOU??? Do you own a steam punk type-writer? Do you sound like shit?

Ben Jelen is the type of music I would listen to on the radio if I was too tired to change the station while driving home. Hopefully you won't start to drift out of your lane like me.

Click the Link

Okay, thats it for now. I will likely find more crap on the myspace front page soon.

Jesus Christ, stick to making music for Subway commercials.

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