Monday, May 5, 2008

Audio Tool Rocks: The Online TB-303 & 909 Emulator


Audio Tool is an emulation of two Roland TB-303s, a TR-909, and a bunch of the roland/boss stomp boxes. It is very reminiscent of the classic program Propellerhead Rebirth, but without the TR-808 and better graphics.

Audio tool is simple to use and includes rewiring/audio routing on the same screen that you make your music on, which makes more sense than Propellerhead Reason's double screened rack system.

I believe they are using java/flash to run the program in the browser, but it is as easy to use as any flash app. They did an excellent job making it, even if it has been done before. Missing is a way to save your songs but you can't complain because its better than Rebirth in alot of ways.

Its fun.
Go start making some electronic music NOW!

Link: Hobnox Audiotool

4/5 Rating
Sound quality is excellent.
Needs a save feature, even if it is a demo.

Thanks Noizone!

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