Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ways to stop spam with Wordpress

I'll be looking for ways to stop the spam on my site once and for all. Its getting insane. Especially "trackbacks." This blog is run on Wordpress 2.0ish so i need to find some plugins. I do have kismet installed, but its just not good enough. If anyone has any suggestions I would listen!!

Thanks, and sorry for all the spam thats been in my comments. I don't know how to stop it or have the time to delete it.

Hopefully I can find something.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holy Schnikes!!: Music Vest 1985

If we only had known that the future was 20 years ago.

Tutorial: Pitch Correction in Adobe Audtion

Check out Transit of Venus to learn about pitch correction in adobe audion and get tips. Included are audio examples.

 Img Audition

A link to how to do pitch correction on her blog.

She has a great voice! (if thats really her singing). ;)
And that may have been the first time using a smiley on this blog.

Updated: Yes its really her! :P

Fibra's Custom Laser-Cut x0x0b0x

 2226 2465084738 E5Db722321

TB-303 emulation!

Fibra has many other custom synthesizer works on his Flickr stream.

Also check out his upcoming Divius (TR-808 clone)!

 3068 2519762584 D608777D59

Divius - Roland TR808 clone

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Beta

Beta! You must have a CS3 serial number to use it longer than two days.

 Images News Graphics 133606-Soundboothcs43

Using a speech-to-text engine that Adobe declined to name, Soundbooth attempts to turn spoken words into text.

As with the original Soundbooth, the Soundbooth CS4 beta lets you add AutoCompose scores.
Looks like it has some cool new features. I wasnt quite impressed with soundbooth when I first started using it. It was buggy as hell. It seemed to do a little too little and the interface wasn't my favourite for doing simple edits. BUT we will see how this one goes, I am sure its much better.

Link to the Macworld Article

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Integrated Wireless Midi/Audio Standard to be the future?

Yes of course. But the question is...Why don't we have this yet?

Imagine being able to select and and play an external keyboard that has only just been switched on from another. This would be a new integration standard that uses downloadable voice banks lists, sort of like a playlist accessible from other instruments. No more flipping endlessly through voice banks and trying to guess what midi parameter (program change) they are.

The technology is readily and cheaply avaiable. Just look at the gaming industry. Please make this.


Also Updated today: PlayLive!

 Uploads Articles Module 62991 Playlive Qjpreviewth

Playlive is a wireless midi controller for Ableton Live that runs on the Sony PSP.

From QJ.Net

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grammy Winner Gives Mixing Advice, New KRK Rokits

 News Images Presonus Gregladanyi

Link to the Video with Greg Ladanyi
PreSonus has uploaded a video series featuring Grammy-winning producer Greg Ladanyi on providing advice on mixing, producing, recording vocals, and more.
Go there and get tips to producing vocals and mixing etc.


New KRK Rokits are here. They are curved so you can mix in the wind tunnel.

KRK Rokit Link

Any one know if this line is any good to mix on compared to others in the same price range - M-audio etc. ? They have always had the appearance of being higher quality, especially with the material used for the cones.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Space Invaders Studio

 2360 2492143015 D6D0811C0C

From Nuorogg on Flickr and Synthopia

Hey, no dust.


Digidesign and M-audio Drivers Lacking with Latest Operating System

 Images Maudiologo

From Create Digital Music
if you’re a user of Digidesign and M-Audio products and looking to use current operating systems, very often you’re out of luck.
Link to the article

I think that totally sucks. I've had this happen to me with an m-audio USB midi interface. They just never updated the driver on the switch from OS9 to OS X. All it was is a USB midi module. I had to sell it and switch to an anchient MOTU unicorn midi interface. Just go with MOTU. Their support is way better than both of these companies that are basically releasing gobs of products and not paying any attention to them at a later date.

Be careful who you buy from when you are getting computer-specific gear, even if it is USB, or plug and play.

Nastee Samplin': Stealing from chip artists.

Over on the 8-bit people's site, word is that:

Crystal Castles, a Toronto-based band, has been heavily sampling music from several chip music artists without obtaining permission or crediting them.
Artist's like Lo-bat have been affected. This is not the first case of this sort of thing happening, I think I remember and incident with a hip hop artist. Ouch? Or who cares? YOU DECIDE. Actually you don't get to decide. Creative Commons sucks so do whatever you want.

 Images Albums Large 8Bp084

Also check out FREAKuencies, an 8-bit peoples release that sounds really good.
Quick Mp3

Go check out their site if your hungry for more chip music or the Full FREAKuencies release by Yerzmyey

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like Whoa & Cool: Kojima Mayumi, Tokyo Brass Style

 Profile Images Prof Photo

Very cool rock n roll style from japan. The video is great!! You can't go wrong with this one.

 2008 03 Im Cover02

Dragon Ball Cover?

Content found on Tachikomatic Days: In your basement

The Declining Quality of Apple, Synthmania 4 Year Anniversary

Many laptop-based Mac OS X users are experiencing significant audio issues on Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard. On Tiger, the culprit appears to be the AirPort Extreme Update 2008-001 released earlier this spring. One workaround on Tiger is to simply turn off AirPort.
From CDM

Do you think that Apple's software and hardware quality have gone way down?? Every update they release seems untested nowadays. Programs also seem to crash more often, even with an increased overall stability of the system. Airport giving audio problems is insane, and evidence that they aren't paying attention.

 Wp-Content Uploads 2008 04 Akaremote

Step by Step instructions on how to Control Ableton Live with your iPhone

Link From Emusic

Beat Bearing!!!

Controlling a TR-808 with ball bearings! Looks like alot of people saw this one already. Eh, I'm slow.

 Wp-Content Uploads 2008 05 Kromatron Off Labelled1

Keytars and Controllerism From Lx7
 Electrix-Filter-Factory Images Filterfactory

Come Celebrate Synthmania's 4 year anniversary with a Visit to their page on the Electrix Filter Factory!!
Mp3 Demo

Do you need a kick start in your garden?

 Blog Em411 Com-Blog-5440-1

Features 5 encoders (with button), an additional button and a display. Software is customizable (by me, hahahaha).....But I use it to command my machinedrum effects over sysex
RuinWesen Midi Command Link @ EM411

Video: Mario Makes Music.

Someone created a level of mario on super NES to sync with a hardcore techno track. This is insane. There is no way to do this without automation, I am sure there are some funny hack tools going on here to create the level :)

It gets better as it goes on. I can't believe how long it lasts. Insane.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

uTubez Puzzle: Mystery House Set from 1988-91

Stupid Front Page Promotions on Myspace

Here is a new feature on Chip Collection where I make commentary on current bands that shelled out tons of money to put their face on the front of myspace. They all have a common thread: I can't remember them the next day AND they sound like the mid 90s in a bad way.

Mates of State


This band is making some type of attempt to be cool and original, but the only thing I will ever remember about them is their promo photos. In five seconds from now I will not remember their band's name, fortunately.

Why I hate them:

1. They sound like Dido meets the Olsen Twins and Alanis Morisette screaming, trapped under a rusty buick regal.
2. They wear eyeglasses in their pictures, which means they are dickholes in real life.

Positives: The girl looks ilke a dried up version of Pamela Anderson.

Check them out if you dare. Link

A Fine Frenzy

This would be innovative in the 90s, but not now.

Come On, Come Out

Why I hate them:

1. The girl has no idea what she is doing or where she is. I think she has a touch of Alzheimer's early.
2. The video takes place in a car.
3. The video takes place in Pete N Pete's neigborhood.

Well I have no idea what I'm listening to in her video. I just see her red hair.
Rip off-ville-city.

And for my last stupid myspace front page act:


Have you ben jelen? HAVE YOU??? Do you own a steam punk type-writer? Do you sound like shit?

Ben Jelen is the type of music I would listen to on the radio if I was too tired to change the station while driving home. Hopefully you won't start to drift out of your lane like me.

Click the Link

Okay, thats it for now. I will likely find more crap on the myspace front page soon.

Jesus Christ, stick to making music for Subway commercials.

Call of Duty Song: All Gun Sounds

 Images Codsongvid

A use of TPI Movies, created a song consisting only of sampled guns from the newest Call of Duty Game: COD4.
Posted is a video, and a link to download the MP3.

Link Via Boing Boing

Sounds kind of like a marching band!

I think you would run out of ammo if you did this in real life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Resources: Making a Living Online as a Musician

 P13 Fp200X200
There are some people who probably wish they could make a living online as a musician. Here are some resources to look at to get some ideas. Alot of people don't take the steps to put their music out there.

Sometimes its as simple as putting a shopping cart on your site, or taking better myspace pictures.


Online Musicians
Making a Living online as a Musician

Selling your Music Online
A Comparison of Online Music Stores to Sell at
Online Store Guide
Mega List

A nice article about myspace from
Stephan Spencer Article******

Attracting Labels (popups):

Check out EndPop for an example. Link

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the News: Korg on Nintendo DS, Roland Remix Contest, More Tenori.

 Product Ds10 Jp Img Ds10-1

Korg DS-10 soft synthesizer running on Nintendo DS. Actually, two synthesizers in one.

Release date, July 24, 2008, and only at Amazon Japan
Damn, only in japan? WHY!! When will we see a Wii version? ;)

Link to CNET Article for the Korg on Nintendo DS

Roland Prizes In Remix Contest
Remix De/Vision’s Life is Suffering courtesy of and Roland

****Roland SH-102 Synthesizer home as Grand Prize***


 U 011 043 Eb660C7B48150Eb6

some guy calls tenori-on queer I guess.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Audio Tool Rocks: The Online TB-303 & 909 Emulator


Audio Tool is an emulation of two Roland TB-303s, a TR-909, and a bunch of the roland/boss stomp boxes. It is very reminiscent of the classic program Propellerhead Rebirth, but without the TR-808 and better graphics.

Audio tool is simple to use and includes rewiring/audio routing on the same screen that you make your music on, which makes more sense than Propellerhead Reason's double screened rack system.

I believe they are using java/flash to run the program in the browser, but it is as easy to use as any flash app. They did an excellent job making it, even if it has been done before. Missing is a way to save your songs but you can't complain because its better than Rebirth in alot of ways.

Its fun.
Go start making some electronic music NOW!

Link: Hobnox Audiotool

4/5 Rating
Sound quality is excellent.
Needs a save feature, even if it is a demo.

Thanks Noizone!