Monday, February 11, 2008

Tone Collection Guitar Reason Refill ($20)


The Tone Collection Reason Refill Pack ($20) has been added to the store.

The Tone Collection is a Guitar Based Refill for producers and enthusiasts who need that special guitar punch in their music. From Death Metal, Marshall Amp, and back to clean Stratocaster, you will find what your looking for. This Reason Refill attempts to do what Amplitube does, by providing preset tones that help you shape and mould the provided guitar sounds. Various presets range from aproximations of Gerry Garcia, to Jimi Hendrix. 80s style phasers and dark atmospheric tones are also there to keep you creative. Reason 3.0 & 4.0 Compatible. Standard patches will work with version 2.0. Its only 20 bucks, with download and paypal.

Listen to demos and check out the Refill in the Chip Collection store.

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