Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mixing Tip of the Day: Fat Snares

 May Ae

What makes a snare sound fat?

Compression? Sometimes. Thats good for an overall level boost, if you don't have gain, but keep Reading...

The main frequencies it resonates at.

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If you run your snare sample or live drum through a frequency analyser you may see more than one spike. One may be significantly taller than the other.

Tips: Try boosting the snare with a wide parametric EQ on smaller spikes that aren't quite loud, but still show up. For example, you have a loud snare hit at 200hz, and you also see that it resonates at 350khz. Boost everything between 200 and 400khz (or so) with EQ as much as 18db+ decibels depending on your situation. Tune it using your ear. Your snare will sound alot fatter! It might sound crazy to boost ABOVE the snare's main range, or use that much gain, but now it will get more attention and emphasis from the listener. Using this technique you can fill gaps in your music with the snare drum hit. Its especially good when your your main instrument (a guitar, or synth), doesn't have alot of mid-range bass.

This is great for rock music, and you will instantly have a fatter mix.

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