Monday, January 21, 2008

Coolest Namm 08'

KRK Systems Ergo - The acoustic room correction processor, audio interface, and master control knob in one. $799

 Productimages Large 000027541

I will definitely be getting one of these eventually!
KRK Systems Website
 Productimages Large 000026723

Roland Releases the Fantom G series workstations - Roland

The fantom looks semi-overhauled with double the amount of waverom, and also a new synthesis type that looks close to what the Yamaha XS series had last year. Put a GIANT LCD monitor in, and you have the Fantom. I wonder when they will stop making these in silver metal.


Arturia Origin. Looks like a cross between a VST plugin and a custom keyboard.

 Productimages Large 000026884

Origin 1.0 is a modular system, like the Korg M3.
More stuff when I find it. Last year's seemed more impressive, but I am sure there are more products out there that we havent seen.

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