Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Apple: Bizarre Synthesizer Patent

 Macnn Uspto Uspto 070213 Fig2B

This link takes you to a page describing a new synthesizer patent from Apple.

It seems like they are trying to generate soundwaves on a scale that stay within BPM of the music?? I don't quite understand this.
Maybe it allows some kind of time-stretch that works in realtime for a virtual instrument that is playing notes. This would allow them to pitch shift, render it, and not lose any quality.

Its either that, or some kind of ringtone thing for iPhone.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Free Mp3s & Mashup Videos Entertain

Time to Listen up!

 Innercity 2005 Technasia

Awesome Mp3 House Mix:
Technasia - MP3 Link

 Files Covers Mtk179

Troupe! - Mp3 Link
From Monotik211

Hahaha so crappy....Power Rangers Hip Hop MP3
Don't give up your dreams!

Gotta love this video edit too...


Mashup Video Time!

Prodigy Vs. White Stripes

Prodigy Vs. No Doubt

Gwen Stefani Vs. Front 242

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Computer Controlled Fire Display

Fire Drumming:
Click here to see it work with rhythms!

Yes, somehow I managed to find even more computer controlled fire videos. How many people can create a digital style ticker to spell words with fire? I really like this alot more than the fire spectral analyser video. His system looks like it is more configurable. It is completely spastic, and he seems to be having alot of fun.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roland Drum Machine Sessions - Video

I bet someone has posted this already, but I really like the beginning. It reminds me of Rebirth days. Hey Propellerheads, why not put a 303 back into Reason?
Here is another!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Need to reset your old keyboard with the factory Sysex?

Check out this website:

Its awesome that we are able to maintain these old patches after so many years. Without the internet, alot of obscure data would be lost! Especially data in old keyboards. When you buy something off ebay, you can reset it, and almost pretend it was brand new.

This place has a bunch of extra patches for your gear. Its cool that they have ones software also. People should upload more of their stuff on it!

More links IMEEM

imeem logo

I guess imeem is a music ranking site, but it works with your blog software. You can go in and just start listening to music, which is awesome. I think I like it better than using Last.FM LINK

They have obscure stuff.

Need an mp3 of Police Story II soundtrack? imeem's got it

Allright, I'm out of stuff to talk about. Off to make some music...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moon Ray Commanchero

I really like this song / video. Its another one that somehow starts to get extremely addictive. The background somehow reminds me of Back to the Future 2. "It is wildgunman."

Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Synthesizer Programming Trick

 Main Rolandjp8080
Today I am going to teach you how to program a synthesizer patch the easy way. Some people think that you need to know all the functions of a synthesizer to be able to program it. Some think that it is a dark art.

This is not true.

Most of the time we are searching for new sounds in our music. This technique I use lets you do that. Instead of programming it intentionally, we will program it by solely by our ear. Most people use this technique, but not to its full potential. People get frustrated when a synth they are using makes a crappy unusable sound; they screwed up the envelops OR they think they can dramatically change the character of a sound without going to the source - the original synth wave forms being used.

The instructions:

1. Find a patch that you already like and load it up on your synthesizer.

2. Start out with the synth controls on the far left of the machine. Use only controls that affect the sound. You ideally want to start out by changing the synthesizer waves used. These are the Sine waves, Square, triangle etc. Take the first control, and slide it through its full range of sound, while hitting the keyboard keys a lot to test it. Stop when you hit a "sweet spot," This meaning, a spot in the control that sounds just right.

3. Go onto the next adjacent control, that affects sound. Now we are going to do step 2 again....and again. Do this to every single control on your synthesizer.

4. Once you are done changing all the parameters on your synthesizer, you might have a usable sound. If you want a little bit more, go through step 2 again until you find a sound that is "just right." You will eventually come to something that will make you go "wow." Usually you had no idea that your synth could make this sound!!

What's nice is when you use this technique to make a lot of patches that will interact very well with each-other in your music. Sounds will be "related" because you made them off the same base patch AND because you made them at a time similar date; meaning you were in the same frame of mind.

I hope that helps anyone who is struggling with making great synthesizer patches!

On an unrelated note: Help save the TV show Jake 2.0.

Record an Album in 28 Days

 Images Stories Misc Sam Rpm Web 07 Noborder

Can you record an album in 28 days?? With the RPM Challenge you can try. Its not too late to make your own album! Sign up now.
It started February 1st, but the deadline is March 1st, so you still can make it. At the end of the 28 days, artists send in their albums to the RPM headquarters, which allows you to get your music streamed across the website. RPM is not shady. You retain the rights to your own works.

I have always thought of making my own album but it seemed like every track I made turned out different. I think the best way to go would be to pick out a limited number of instruments/patches, that are your absolute favourite, then record a song based on those. You could get 35 minutes worth of music in no time, then later add sound reinforcements and perfect the mixing. If your thinking about giving it a go, bet sure to write about your experience!


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Marimba Ponies and Genius Girl

Ponies synth alert! :)

These kids are so good that it makes me want to buy a new instrument to learn. Practice makes perfect.