Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The best mixes in your iTunes

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Kibag Session by Wolfgang Schubert - 2003

....the spirit of alternative electronic culture, the 'Kibag Session' hopes to fill your bleak autumn rooms with the sunrays of this memorable summer evening by the lake.
The Kibag Sesssion gives us some brilliant electronic music to listen to. This is my favourite electronic mix of all time. Wolfgang seems to have made all the music himself. I tried to contact this guy to see if he still playing, but there was no reply. His last entry on his website was in 2004. I will have to stay content that this Mp3 is in my itunes playlist and that I can keep listening to it.

Links: Wolfgang's main site. To get the mp3 mix go here

Do you have any good mixes that you have listened to over the years and kept?? Click the title for more mixes, and then leave a comment!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chip Links: January 29th 2007

Tons of animated videos to look at today! Check them out below. But first, a preview of Reason 4.0, from Matrix Synth!! Yeay! ------> Click here to watch.

A nice animated video on youtube - Architecture in Helsinki, another animated video with enjoyable techno sounds. Click on Brand new video on the site.

Royksopp video, from that tv commercial with the Cavemen guys. (no cavemen guys in it.)

Also, I have been finding alot of destruction of synths and hardware online, and it makes me sad. I saw someone smashing a DX7 synth with a sledgehammer on youtube. Not cool. They make great midi controllers even if they don't work. I am not even going to post it. They are just showing off...

More fire videos: A frequency analyzer.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Building your own "Neko" PC keyboard with touchscreen

UPDATE: This is an old article, before iPads existed. You are better off just getting a desk and searching newer components than what is listed.


I've decided to come up with some designs, and at least a partial parts list for building your own keyboard with integrated computer and touchscreen. It seems like a good time to do it. LCD prices aren't too bad, and we now have high powered computers that can fit almost anywhere, like the mac mini and those PC mini-itx cases. I don't think you should have to pay over 2 thousand dollars for something similiar, and this would just be cool to make. The whole idea would to make something that is portable with all the controls in the same place.

Parts List

LCD Planar Touchscreen $300 - This one is kind of ugly due to the white frame, but the price is right for a 15 inch. Getting a good touchscreen / LCD with enough screen space for the right price would be pretty important. This Planar one goes for $440 and could be a hell of a lot better.

A small Midi keyboard + Keypad for only $44. I'm not going to bank on the construction quality of this one, but it looks really Neko-ish. If you added a small, in-car-style 8-10 inch size touch screen, which are even cheaper than the ones I mentioned it might be really cute. Other than that you'd be best to go with a USB midi keyboard for whatever you can get on ebay. Even better if it was one of those keyboards that had the audio interface built in.

This might be the grandaddy solution for picking out your computer...

intel imac with touchscreen or ibook touchscreen. On the intel mac, you could have your choice of running both windows and Mac OS X with the latest chip architecture. If you went with an iBook, you could carefully dissassemble it and mount it inside your case with the keyboard midi controller you picked out. Having the computer, Keypad / touchscreen all at the same time would be effecient, as then you wouldn't have to worry about power supplies for each. I don't know how much that costs to add on.

And then your audio interface, if you didn't have it built in to your keyboard, probably get an Edirol self powered USB unit. That one is a little expensive at $240. You would probably want the built in audio interface type of midi controller, with knobs.

As you can see, I didn't address the problems of having multiple power supplies...but if your like me, you'd just have the bundled cords wrapped up out the back and buy a power-squid. Maybe with enough space, you could shove the power-squid up inside the keyboard box, to trick people, like you actually know how to run all of that stuff off the same voltage.

Chip Collection Version 1.

Version 1:
Cost Estimate: $1,150 ish
(LCD Touchscreen, Cheap Prodikeys Midi Controller, Intel mac mini, Edirol USB/MIDI Audio interface, + random case parts)

Version 2:
Cost Estimate: 1,900 ish? ($1,500 Apple iBook bought on ebay with modified touchscreen by Troll Systems, $300 Midi keyboard with audio interface built in, +$100 worth of random parts)
This could version be flat and rectangular looking more like an Elektron machine. The flatscreen would be attached at the far left end, with various components inside the box underneath, then having the keyboard tacked on its side. You could also have the flatscreen attached like version one above if you didn't like looking down.

Doing a keyboard like this would be an awesome project, and I bet you could do it for under 2000 dollars and have a pretty nice result. If you were able to use clear plexiglass as a box, you could even do etching across it and light it up from inside. Extra modifications would be knobs & such for midi control. Even sillier would be to add speakers. If you played on stage, it might be cool to have a mini lcds attached to your keyboard, facing the crowd, so you could put some kind of weird video on it. Also, no, this keyboard isn't the solution I was talking about for my previous article.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bloggers, Please read!

Do you have a blog where you talk mainly about electronic music, audio gear, synths, or just computer technology? I might want to include your blog in the new feature that is coming up on the right!

*update* I am experimenting with the double-decker sandwhich layout. Its really good for scanning, but It may be compressed soon for readability.

*update* I had to go back to the regular layout, and ditch the double decker size, because I couldnt read two blogs at the same time. Right now, everyone is in the sidebar. I will try to figure out a better way to feature your postings more prominently, and higher up on the page next week.

Leave your RSS feed in the comments please! Thanks.

Richard Divine Destroys $8,000 Neko Keyboard - Video

I knew there was something wrong with him. Now its on video.

Richard Devine, you're on the Chip Collection Retard list.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks by Chip Collection (with Mp3s)

 Images Sor2 Md
1. Streets of Rage 2 - Sega Genesis
Streets of Rage's techno soundtrack pushed the genesis soundchip to its bare limits, both technically and musically. It is a masterpiece. I'm sure it must have been the first game to sample the Roland TR-909. Ahead of its time in 1992, and still heavily remixed on OCremix website to this day. Best boss music EVER. Mp3 or Download the Entire Soundtrack
 Twentysidedtale Images Sh2 Pyramid Head
2. Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 is so good that they took all the music from the game and just dropped it into the Silent Hill movie. Pyramid Head (mp3)
 Screens Roms Psx Wip3Out-Psx-Pal-(Paradox-Patch)
3. Wip3out (Wipeout 3) / Wipeout 2
The last games that the Designer's Republic actually worked on, the Wipeout series on Playstation has the most authentic electronic music. Wipeout Pure was almost there, while Wipeout Fusion was not even close. Listen to MKL Control (mp3) from Wip3out.
 Ps2Games Rez Rez4
4. Rez - PS2
Not exactly the most challenging, but the soundtrack was integrated into the game. Very odd for a shooter. The person who programmed the graphics deserves an award too. Mp3

 Images Shots Thumbnail 1117362942-00
5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & Sonic Spinball - Sega Genesis
Classic game. Better than the original in every-way. The soundtrack is extremely addictive to the point of actually singing it. Chemical Plant Zone mp3 (Sonic 2) and Boss Music from Sonic Spinball

 Images Omtaler Spill Batenkaitosgc6
6. Baten Kaitos - GameCube
I love this game. An RPG on the Gamecube, which sadly not many people picked up, Baten Kaitos is completely inspiring. The texture of the instrumental composition, combined with the hand-drawn graphics on every level will hook you in. Strings MP3
 Images Dc Jet Grind Radio
7. Jet Grind Radio - Dreamcast
Rated Buy:. Jet Grind Radio is in a breakbeat style, but not in a depressing way. It sounds AWESOME. Its silly Japanese interpretation of american music. A weird note you should know about it: Flavor Flav's "ROCK THAT SHIT HOMIE!" sample is played repeatedly, due to the fact that it was composed by a Japanese person who probably didn't understand its translation. This is a general audience game. Many kids played it. Where was the ESRB?? Rock It Mp3

 Photos 00 00 60 90 Me0000609044 2
8. Metal Gear Solid 1 / 3
Jerry Goldsmith would be proud. Reminiscent of James bond and Rambo at the same-time, the end theme to Metal Gear Solid 3 just rocks!! Metal Gear Solid two had more memorable musical themes, so you should also check it out. You are almost better off playing the games than just listening to the music though. MGS 1 and MGS3 Debriefing
 Images Art Contra1
9. Contra Shattered Soldier
I might be the only person on the planet that played this game and actually beat it. Reviewed negatively by critics for being too hard to play, this Contra game on PS2 was completely forgotten. The soundtrack is hardcore wickedness. A mix of metal and techno, this game only sounds good on a big system, with a huge subwoofer thats turned up pretty good. Best subwoofer action in any game. You will need one thats at least 12" and goes down to 32khz. I'm not joking about this recommendation. Intestines Mp3 (sweet!) and the Subwoofer Ripper Mp3. Full album is available at this site.
 Imgserver Bdb 970500 970582 130X
10. Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry is completely overproduced and action packed. Techno synths, guitar sounds, ladies chanting, and lots of reverb. I loved it. Mp3

Not quite a definitive list, but there are some you probably haven't heard. All are extremely notable and listenable by themselves. If your favorite game isn't on the list, it probably means I haven't played it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Chip Links: Monday Jan 22nd 2007

Note: we moved our feeds over to Feedburner. If you have any issues, just use the new links. I think everything went smoothly though. Also, commenting doesn't require you to register any longer for easier discussion. You can still register and submit articles to have them approved too.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Twins - Face to Face

Just stay till the chorus comes on this video.

My friend: "Woah this is a sweet song"
Me: "hella ya"

This video should give you a refreshing start to your week. *Special points* if you can name the main synth being used.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Space - Magic Fly Video

Space is a French electronic music band created in 1977 by Didier Marouani (also known as Ecama). The first three albums — Magic Fly, Deliverance and Just Blue — were an immediate and staggering success (they sold over 12 million records all over the world).
This is another one of those tracks we've heard quite a few times, liked, and never knew who it was at the time.

Full article from Wikipedia

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Scotch - Disco Band Video

Are you my really disco band?

I can't believe I haven't posted this video for anyone yet. It's very dear to me. As you can see, it looks like Dave Coulier is in there. This just furthers my conspiracy of TGIF cast members being linked to synthesizers.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Damn Namm Update 07

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The Chip Collection didn't make it out to NAMM 07, but thats not going to stop us from making a giant NAMM compilation post!!! This post will be updated on January 18th the following days as stuff comes in.

UPDATE: Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition and Customizable Voyager

 Product Images Mooglphero Finalblack
UPDATE: Open Labs upgrades MIKO SE and MIKO LE: Link

 News Images Open-Labs Miko
From future music blog

UPDATE: Mackie Anounces Control Pro Surfaces: Link

Mackie anounces Tracktion 3!!!! (I love Tracktion's ease of use and its better mastering plugins)

TAPCO Anounces 4x6 Firewire audio interface for $249: Link

UPDATE: KORG IMAGES on Link (currently having server issues)


A Stupid Mixer, MINI Kaoss Pad (***AWESOME***), M3 Synth, and R3 (new Darth Vader edition microkorg).

Check back for status and pictures / adds.
If you know anything, please comment!

Most Anticipated / Rumored:

Apple Logic version 8 or 7.5: Unconfirmed

Alesis Master Control Firewire Audio Interface: Confirmed

 Images Products Full Mastercontrol Lg
Alesis Master Control
Nice!! Check out the specs on this audio interface. Its everything you've ever dreamed of....6 discrete outs, 5.1 surround. 8 Channels of 44.1-192khz audio in. Motorized Faders, MIDI, 2 Preamps, SPDIF, LCD, Jog wheel, fully editable presets.
New Korg Microkorg called the R3: Leaked Images / Confirmed From Gear Junkies


New Korg Mini Chaos Pad: Leaked Images / Confirmed From Gear Junkies


Roland MV-8800 Sampler Workstation: Confirmed

 Products Com Mv-8800 Images Top L

Roland V-Synth GT: Confirmed
 Products Com V-Synth Gt Images Top L
V-Synth GT

Previously Confirmed:

 Evolution Assets Images Products Origin 3D Origin 3D 200X126

(Coming in March)
Arturia Origin: Origin is the first Arturia Hardware synthesizer. It is a modular system of a new generation opening innovative avenues in sound design.
Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, minimoog and Prophet VS). Details Link
(Arturia Origin sounds like it could be really expensive...)

No word yet on Steve Urkel Edition Moog.

Brian Eno doing music for Spore

Spore is the upcoming computer and video game designed by Will Wright. It simulates the complete history and future of life.

Eno "...went on to demonstrate a simple software called "The Shuffler" which he uses to create fragments for the soundtrack of Spore and which even with a simple combination of samples possibly would never create the same composition twice within a lifetime."
Well, we know the soundtrack is going to match the gameplay! More games will have generated soundtracks in the future. I've heard that Audio designer + programmer for games is a really hot job if you can do it.

Read more Link

Ofiicial site for Spore

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bassline Baseline: A Roland TB-303 Documentary

From Nate Harrison, the same guy that brought us the Amen breakbeat documentary, here is Bassline Baseline.
 Images Popup Bassline Thumbs

Click here to watch the video streamed!

You can visit Nate's site here.
A Blurb on Nate:

Nate Harrison is an artist and writer working at the intersection of intellectual property, cultural production and the formation of creative processes in electronic media. He has produced projects and exhibited for The American Museum of Natural History, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art...
Seems like a really cool guy! I was very happy to see that he had made other documentaries.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Waldorf Rumors: New Synths Exposed.

Mac music has an article claiming to know the names and details of new synthesizers from Waldorf that are not yet anounced at the upcoming NAMM.
These are: Stromberg, Blofeld, Zarenbourg and Q Phoenix Edition.

Go here to read more of the details on these rumored synths.

To me, it sounds pretty accurrate, do to the specifics. Someone could have totally made it up though.

From Mac Music


Confirmed. Look in the comments for a brochure link and 3d rendered pictures. Thank you Velocipede!

Korg Triton Extreme Culture Shock

This guy is actually really good....I think!

More using quartz composer & Kaoss Pad

Kaoss Pad + Electribe EMX1 + Quartz Composer = Good track.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Korg will debut 10 new products on January 18th!

 Merchant2 Graphics 00000001 Korg-Logo

The countdown begins!!

Here are few of my top guesses:

1. A Newer, cooler looking Triton with high bit-rate sound and onboard multichannel hard disc recording.
2. Kaoss pad with Video
3. More boring consumer digital pianos
4. A Giant sized version of the Korg Microkorg with more knobs to compete with Roland's Junos.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Free Sample Pack: Hard & Bouncy / Free Electribe VSTs

 Images Samplepack Boxart2
This sample pack sounds like pre-rockstar Prodigy sounds (Charly). If you need new bass drums or really excellent hoovers & stabs, then get this. Download it free from

For Korg electribe users:
I dug up these VST controller plugins somebody made for Korg Electribes! Covers most machines, EMX, EA1, ER1. Sweet!

NitroTracker Demonstration for Nintendo DS

From NotNotOminous on Youtube.

Nitrotracker Website

Website Live

Go to
The primary mission of is to act as a central information and communication resource for live pa artists around the world. Through sharing knowledge and opinions we hope to move this unique and developing artform forward
This is a very good resource for anyone who wants to start doing LIVE electronic music. Active & helpful forums with gear discussion.

Go to

Friday, January 5, 2007

ELS Vocoder released - Realistic hardware style emulation

 Images Elsvocoder Elsvocoderinterface

The ELS Vocoder might serve as a good replacement for any hardware vocoder. The advantage is that it doesn't quite sound like any other software plugin vocoder. This one manages to be both musical and robotic!
Check it out on Eliosound's Demo Page:
ELS Vocoder Sound Demo Page

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Video: Korg Triton 88 Extreme Piano mod

This is sooo nuts!!! Just watch.
Thank you Proximasolaris! We appreciate this kind of thing.
(250 Hours of work + A Korg Triton.)