Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Music, Singles by Stealthgear - Mini Gear Review

Please check out some new music I made!!

New Tracks by Stealthgear!

Nutty Factory - MP3 Download (4.21MB)

Rambus - Mp3 Download (2.56MB)

Sassy Snappers - Mp3 Download (2.06MB)

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I received some new gear so here is a Mini Gear Review.....

 Comercio Images Mix-100

Tapco Mix100 Mixer - I bought it from musicians' friend. It Works decent sounds good. A little bit of noise at -50DB. Preamps are kinda noisy but work. Overall a B. I would buy this again just because its so cheap, but I almost wonder if the behringer is better. Note: I would send it back if you see a single thing wrong with it. The first Tapco Mix100 I had purchased had a defective master fader. I almost wonder if MF sent me a used one....fishy. I say go to your local music store so you don't get ripped off or time wasted. Happy with the replacement mixer. Still feels cheaper than I thought it would.

 Dbase Pics Products Regular 6 8 3 227683

Onstage 3 tier Keyboard stand - Takes over an hour to setup, so its best for home use. Its black, and slightly ugly but not too bad. The components are top grade. The only complaint I can come up with is that has some side to side wobble if you load it with a heavy keyboard on top. There is absolutely no downward motion. The adjustable mounts for each keyboard are excellent. For $99 this is an awesome keyboard rack!! Would buy more Onstage brand gear.

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