Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Avoid the Destruction of Positive Web Culture (and your music).

How fear is destroying positive internet culture (and music).

I just wanted to take a second out of and point out all corrupt people using the net starting as recently as 3-4 years ago. MY internet has transformed into a complete nightmare. Why?

Common people came online with their FEAR.

I am going to start name dropping websites with poor informational control, and people (bloggers) who use fear tactics to gain attention and destroy peoples minds and make money.

DIGG.COM - Just browsing the front page will make you sick. Articles on the site always are posted to make you fear or hate something even if its benign, like a smart-phone, or a breed of dog. The posters here have a reputation for being educated and smart, but they are often the dumbest, most hypocritical people on the planet. Technology is not supposed to be like that. The internet is not supposed to be like that. is like some kind of mind control for people who want to be upset all the time and love being that way. Its like stabbing yourself with a fork everytime you visit. Digg users are easily manipulated and controlled. Whats worse is that because of the way the system is setup can be easily exploited. Its hard for people to make rational opinions on over 20 headlines. Those headlines become fact in the mind of a digg user. Even on a site that has no pictures, these guys aren't really reading, or comprehending the information. As an alternative I'd recommend Slashdot. Stay away from digg if you want to keep a level head, feel positive, and make a difference. The people here are horrible. Block digg out of your router, or keep clicking their ads to waste advertiser's dollars please.

Keep reading, this post will be about music eventually. has shifted focus in a lame attempt to garner these readers. Often about japan, sex, or some evil threat virus is coming, the quality has shifted dramatically low. Its all garbage. I used to be inspired by Wired 7 years ago. They posted cutting edge news about A.I. and all kinds of new promising technologies. I can't find a single article on their site thats not connected to fear, greed, or plain garbage. Where's my internet culture? Its lost on wired.

Google is the most bland, barf inducing, company on the planet. They are destroying internet culture. Every move they make is to dominate information and to move their stock price higher. They pounce on internet startups, like Youtube, and destroy them (soon to be with ads). Google wants to own all of your information and monetize it. Google gives out your search activity to the government. Google does not respect your privacy. People are so dependent on this beast that its sick. Especially webmasters; google page rank or adsense. Now the worst thing that can happen to your website is that it gets "google-banned" and completely deleted from its directory. I will soon be removing myself from google on all my sites I run.

Weblogs INC Company. You have probably read their shit. A technology related blog network with absolutely no literary or news reporting integrity. They skim great writers, and take all the credit. They never write anything of quality. Its a junk-mill. You can go deeper and find the real sources of information and bloggers that work much harder than these hacks.

Wikipedia store's your culture's history on a database that could change everyday, and where the mod's are druggies and furries who took a philosophy class. This is so completely dangerous. Not a trusted source, since the people running it are not experts, and the people submitting information are nobodies. Wikipedia knows nothing. Their all encompassing knowledge system very close to the Metal Gear Solid 2 plot, where information is modified in realtime to conform to a political agenda. What a nightmare.

This post concerns your music making.

Make music you really care about please. Don't fall into the cultural contamination in the same way. Companies will come at you with corrupt tactics, marketing, and hype. They will make shitty electronics & software for you to buy. Information affects your brain forever. Pretty soon you could be thinking like them and make shitty music about it. To avoid all the BS in the world you just have to make your own path and don't look back. Just express yourself, and don't get hooked onto someone else's crap.

Take your culture back and start making positive music again!!

Examples of positive web culture:

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