Friday, September 21, 2007

Logic Studio 8 Cracked

 Mm06 03

With Apple's Logic Studio 8 just being released, it looks like the hackers have already gotten to it. A K'ed (or cracked) release of Logic Studio is already on the net.

Logic 7 Pro was notoriously hard to crack for hackers, and I hadn't seen reports of it being done at all. Apple's strategy this time around was to get rid of the XSKey dongle, to save on costs. They probably found that the people who pirate are going to do it anyway.

New features in logic:

No XSKey
Single Window Design. (looks more like Garageband)
and something called Quick Swipe Coming (I'm sure they made that up).

Worse is that they are getting very confusing on the naming of the software packages....

They now have this in the apple store:

Logic Studio
Logic Studio - Logic Pro 8
Logic Express
Logic Express 8

How is the consumer supposed to know what to get? I'm not going to even list the upgrade versions, not to mention garage band! Thats totally insane...

Its a good thing that this software is totally excellent and will continue to be.

Will you be buying Logic Studio Pro 8 Express Upgrade Box?

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