Thursday, July 12, 2007

Top 25 Electronic Albums & Renegade Theory Tribe

 Images P B00000Ilgl.01.Mzzzzzzz
From here to eternity, thats where she takes me.
A top 25 of electronic music history with examples & video. I bet you haven't heard all these albums. Put them in your to buy/download/listen list! Link

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Oberheim SX (OB-SX) Gutted & Played. THX

"Sounds kinda crappy"
"The RS7000 Destroys the MPC"
RS7000 Owner Creates a remix of P Lion's Happy Children.

From Noizone, in the Collected feed:

It looks like we are getting closer to star trek every day!

 Images Dexter Zoom1 Vs.  D Gocalifornia 1 0 E G Em-Console ?

Also: Php Script AddLink, a basic link adding script that was coded for this site is available for Download. Customize it yourself. Seems to collect alot of spam though....

Electronic Music Theory

Renegade Theory on Tribe.


"This tribe is for music geeks of a more modern vein. If you produce or just like to listen critically, we would like to hear from you. Feel free to post questions and comments about Electronic Music production and theory. Stuck on that track you're working on? Ask advice. We're happy to help.

We'll keep it positive, you keep it flowing. Try to avoid elitism. We're not here to say what's wrong or right, but what is working right now. "

Go there and join in on the discussion.

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