Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Space Shifter Casey

Space Shifter Casey is a Blogger's attempt to Make it onto the Big-Screen.

Working Title: Space Shifter Casey


Casey is pulled into mortal danger when his "greedy mad scientist" father, Storrga, creates a new power-suit that will take the occupant into another dimension. Casey must carry the burdens of his father and believe in his new friends while on the run in the post-apocalyptic society: The Fruit Core. A wave of darkness is on the horizon when brutal renegades emerge to try to unlock the power of that suit for themselves and a great nation is at risk. Can Casey stop them from gaining ultimate control? Sometimes the only thing you can do is run.

Every once and awhile I like to try something new. As you can see, I haven't been writing about synthesizers consistently. Thats because I've been working nonstop the past couple of days to finish this story that I had started almost 6 months ago. Space Shifter Casey, originally called "Space Shifters" is my first screenplay, and your seeing my first finished draft, errors and all. It is a political thriller set in the future with mild scifi elements. I intend to see this on the big screen or at least on the scifi channel very soon. For a 24 year old writer, this would be my dream. It is a movie about an idealistic young teen who ends up with a piece of high technology that disrupts the power balance of two nations. Throughout his journey, he finds love, new friends, and new beliefs that he protects with his life. The setting for the script, the Fruit Core, is not your everyday post-apocalyptic society. It is one that, while diminished in population size from disease and war, emerges out of the ashes to become a technological, political paradise of hope. I wrote this out of frustration with the current government, and hope someday that people will be able to believe again. Believe in people like Casey.

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