Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Learning To Play

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I've been trying to read sheet music and play piano. The traditional way. Playing someone else's music opens up opportunities. Your hands and brain learn new ways to play and improvise.

I have no previous formal instruction in playing piano. That doesn't really matter. Fortunately I was in band for a number of years and can read rhythms perfectly. The main things I needed to learn was how to read the notes (up and down) on the staff...Right now I am using Piano for Dummies to learn how to read and play piano sheet music. Its a really excellent book. It comes with a music CD for every piece of music so you know if your doing it right or not. The thing I like about this book is that it puts you through it fast. It also teaches you the correct hand positions which is necessary even when not playing sheet music. Not everyone wants to buy something and take the time to learn piano, and I'm not pushing that there are some online sites:
My music teachers taught me rhythm first, because it is the basis for all music...

Drum Lessons

Another resource:

Go Piano Website

Your almost better off getting a book if you want to learn yourself, or a teacher if you have no training.

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