Monday, February 12, 2007

Need to reset your old keyboard with the factory Sysex?

Check out this website:

Its awesome that we are able to maintain these old patches after so many years. Without the internet, alot of obscure data would be lost! Especially data in old keyboards. When you buy something off ebay, you can reset it, and almost pretend it was brand new.

This place has a bunch of extra patches for your gear. Its cool that they have ones software also. People should upload more of their stuff on it!

More links IMEEM

imeem logo

I guess imeem is a music ranking site, but it works with your blog software. You can go in and just start listening to music, which is awesome. I think I like it better than using Last.FM LINK

They have obscure stuff.

Need an mp3 of Police Story II soundtrack? imeem's got it

Allright, I'm out of stuff to talk about. Off to make some music...

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