Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks by Chip Collection (with Mp3s)

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1. Streets of Rage 2 - Sega Genesis
Streets of Rage's techno soundtrack pushed the genesis soundchip to its bare limits, both technically and musically. It is a masterpiece. I'm sure it must have been the first game to sample the Roland TR-909. Ahead of its time in 1992, and still heavily remixed on OCremix website to this day. Best boss music EVER. Mp3 or Download the Entire Soundtrack
 Twentysidedtale Images Sh2 Pyramid Head
2. Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2 is so good that they took all the music from the game and just dropped it into the Silent Hill movie. Pyramid Head (mp3)
 Screens Roms Psx Wip3Out-Psx-Pal-(Paradox-Patch)
3. Wip3out (Wipeout 3) / Wipeout 2
The last games that the Designer's Republic actually worked on, the Wipeout series on Playstation has the most authentic electronic music. Wipeout Pure was almost there, while Wipeout Fusion was not even close. Listen to MKL Control (mp3) from Wip3out.
 Ps2Games Rez Rez4
4. Rez - PS2
Not exactly the most challenging, but the soundtrack was integrated into the game. Very odd for a shooter. The person who programmed the graphics deserves an award too. Mp3

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5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & Sonic Spinball - Sega Genesis
Classic game. Better than the original in every-way. The soundtrack is extremely addictive to the point of actually singing it. Chemical Plant Zone mp3 (Sonic 2) and Boss Music from Sonic Spinball

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6. Baten Kaitos - GameCube
I love this game. An RPG on the Gamecube, which sadly not many people picked up, Baten Kaitos is completely inspiring. The texture of the instrumental composition, combined with the hand-drawn graphics on every level will hook you in. Strings MP3
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7. Jet Grind Radio - Dreamcast
Rated Buy:. Jet Grind Radio is in a breakbeat style, but not in a depressing way. It sounds AWESOME. Its silly Japanese interpretation of american music. A weird note you should know about it: Flavor Flav's "ROCK THAT SHIT HOMIE!" sample is played repeatedly, due to the fact that it was composed by a Japanese person who probably didn't understand its translation. This is a general audience game. Many kids played it. Where was the ESRB?? Rock It Mp3

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8. Metal Gear Solid 1 / 3
Jerry Goldsmith would be proud. Reminiscent of James bond and Rambo at the same-time, the end theme to Metal Gear Solid 3 just rocks!! Metal Gear Solid two had more memorable musical themes, so you should also check it out. You are almost better off playing the games than just listening to the music though. MGS 1 and MGS3 Debriefing
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9. Contra Shattered Soldier
I might be the only person on the planet that played this game and actually beat it. Reviewed negatively by critics for being too hard to play, this Contra game on PS2 was completely forgotten. The soundtrack is hardcore wickedness. A mix of metal and techno, this game only sounds good on a big system, with a huge subwoofer thats turned up pretty good. Best subwoofer action in any game. You will need one thats at least 12" and goes down to 32khz. I'm not joking about this recommendation. Intestines Mp3 (sweet!) and the Subwoofer Ripper Mp3. Full album is available at this site.
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10. Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry is completely overproduced and action packed. Techno synths, guitar sounds, ladies chanting, and lots of reverb. I loved it. Mp3

Not quite a definitive list, but there are some you probably haven't heard. All are extremely notable and listenable by themselves. If your favorite game isn't on the list, it probably means I haven't played it!

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