Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The best mixes in your iTunes

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Kibag Session by Wolfgang Schubert - 2003

....the spirit of alternative electronic culture, the 'Kibag Session' hopes to fill your bleak autumn rooms with the sunrays of this memorable summer evening by the lake.
The Kibag Sesssion gives us some brilliant electronic music to listen to. This is my favourite electronic mix of all time. Wolfgang seems to have made all the music himself. I tried to contact this guy to see if he still playing, but there was no reply. His last entry on his website was in 2004. I will have to stay content that this Mp3 is in my itunes playlist and that I can keep listening to it.

Links: Wolfgang's main site. To get the mp3 mix go here

Do you have any good mixes that you have listened to over the years and kept?? Click the title for more mixes, and then leave a comment!

Briscoe - Blood on the Dancefloor (Scroll Down on page and download)
This one is really spacey and dancey. The synth lines in the beginning are rocking!

And now for the The Drum N Bass - Hall of fame!

Techtonic - Spring Reverberations

For breaks, and an awesome live show, go get some Aquasky.: Link

BBC's 1xtra mixes are pretty good too: Link

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