Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chip Links: January 29th 2007

Tons of animated videos to look at today! Check them out below. But first, a preview of Reason 4.0, from Matrix Synth!! Yeay! ------> Click here to watch.

A nice animated video on youtube - Architecture in Helsinki, another animated video with enjoyable techno sounds. Click on Brand new video on the site.

Royksopp video, from that tv commercial with the Cavemen guys. (no cavemen guys in it.)

Also, I have been finding alot of destruction of synths and hardware online, and it makes me sad. I saw someone smashing a DX7 synth with a sledgehammer on youtube. Not cool. They make great midi controllers even if they don't work. I am not even going to post it. They are just showing off...

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