Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Damn Namm Update 07

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The Chip Collection didn't make it out to NAMM 07, but thats not going to stop us from making a giant NAMM compilation post!!! This post will be updated on January 18th the following days as stuff comes in.

UPDATE: Moog Little Phatty Stage Edition and Customizable Voyager

 Product Images Mooglphero Finalblack
UPDATE: Open Labs upgrades MIKO SE and MIKO LE: Link

 News Images Open-Labs Miko
From future music blog

UPDATE: Mackie Anounces Control Pro Surfaces: Link

Mackie anounces Tracktion 3!!!! (I love Tracktion's ease of use and its better mastering plugins)

TAPCO Anounces 4x6 Firewire audio interface for $249: Link

UPDATE: KORG IMAGES on Gearjunkies.com: Link (currently having server issues)


A Stupid Mixer, MINI Kaoss Pad (***AWESOME***), M3 Synth, and R3 (new Darth Vader edition microkorg).

Check back for status and pictures / adds.
If you know anything, please comment!

Most Anticipated / Rumored:

Apple Logic version 8 or 7.5: Unconfirmed

Alesis Master Control Firewire Audio Interface: Confirmed

 Images Products Full Mastercontrol Lg
Alesis Master Control
Nice!! Check out the specs on this audio interface. Its everything you've ever dreamed of....6 discrete outs, 5.1 surround. 8 Channels of 44.1-192khz audio in. Motorized Faders, MIDI, 2 Preamps, SPDIF, LCD, Jog wheel, fully editable presets.
New Korg Microkorg called the R3: Leaked Images / Confirmed From Gear Junkies


New Korg Mini Chaos Pad: Leaked Images / Confirmed From Gear Junkies


Roland MV-8800 Sampler Workstation: Confirmed

 Products Com Mv-8800 Images Top L

Roland V-Synth GT: Confirmed
 Products Com V-Synth Gt Images Top L
V-Synth GT

Previously Confirmed:

 Evolution Assets Images Products Origin 3D Origin 3D 200X126

(Coming in March)
Arturia Origin: Origin is the first Arturia Hardware synthesizer. It is a modular system of a new generation opening innovative avenues in sound design.
Loaded with modules extracted from the best synthesizers of all time (Moog Modular, ARP 2600, CS-80, minimoog and Prophet VS). Details Link
(Arturia Origin sounds like it could be really expensive...)

No word yet on Steve Urkel Edition Moog.

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