Monday, October 30, 2006

Propellerheads Reason Song Tutorial - make a full track in less than 20 minutes!

Here is part one of a free video tutorial I made on how to use Propellerheads Reason. Goes through recording, composition, and even a little bit of mastering at the end. You can use these tips in your own songs and expand upon them. The quality is a little shoddy because its video version coming soon. Part two will be posted tomarrow.

NES Wave Pack Reason Refill - Chip Sound!

Now available:


NES Wave Pack Reason Refill as well as other cool refills by Chip Collection. Designed to give you a fully recreated NES to make chip tunes. I just wanted to remind everyone and that we also have other sweet handmade refills for download with Paypal. Click here

Also be on the lookout for a new Reason tutorial video to be posted here for free later this week.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vector-Synth VST by Hercs Music Systems

  • Viktor
  • Windows VST
  • Vector Morphing Synth
  • Its in development

  • There is not much else known about Viktor as It has only been just anounced. Vector synthesizer technology is very cool, so I can't wait till we know more.


1 Bit Audio Interface & Mobile!?

 Gear Images Products Enlarge Lrg Mr  Series
This Looks pretty fresh. A mobile recorder from korg. Whats so special about it? 1 bit recording!!! Supposedly these recorders double the bitrate of my current audio interface. Thats really sad (for me) with my edirol audio interface. I want it!!!

Korg M1000 Product Page

Korg Announces K61P USB-MIDI Studio Controller

 Productimages Large 000005923

K61P combines computer controller features with built-in, high-quality, stereo-sampled acoustic and electric pianos
So its a midicontroller that they put some piano sounds into. Korg is scared that people are going to stop buying their keyboard workstations, so they are marketing a regular keyboard as a midi controller I see.
Like other K-series models, the K61P comes bundled with Korg’s M1 Le software synthesizer, a complete software version of the classic M1 Music Workstation. As a bonus, K-series users can upgrade at a special “Preferred Owner” price to the Korg Legacy Collection – Digital Edition, which comprises a significantly enhanced version of the M1 software synthesizer, the WAVESTATION v1.6 software synthesizer and the MDE-X v1.2 multi-effect plug-in.
Ah! I this is also a product intended to get you purchasing their software.

Whatever happens I hope that its a really good midi controller, because it seems kind of expensive for a keyboard with a couple of piano sounds. Full press release and links after the break.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Adobe Soundbooth

Adobe just released an audio editing program called Soundbooth. Pick up the beta at

Music Gear in Second Life

Wired has an article on music gear is being sold in second life.
Wired Article

This is not new at all, however. I was one of the first people to do this months ago, selling boxy 3d drum machines & remixing tools. Of course you can't actually use them, because its in Second Life. Second life lures you in with profit, but its actually the game makers who are really getting rich. Thanks Wired for more news about a really boring game!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

BlentWell - The peoples dj mixset link collective

Check out the best site for DJ mixsets on the planet. Its almost like a free lifetime subscription service when enabled as a podcast. Its more than that however.

Budget Musician's Guide


I have setup a site called the budget muscian's guide site on Squidoo, a very cool portal / recommendations site. It contains all of my favourite gear and software for making music. Click Here to check it out.

Welcome to Chip Collection

Welcome to the best synthesizer blog ever! I can't wait to continue updating this site. We also sell Reason Refills in our store! Have fun.