Saturday, December 9, 2006

Yamaha Dx1

Description: The largest FM synthesizer on the entire planet at over 100 pounds. Only 140 of this model were made, making it quite rare. You might see one on ebay or in classifieds rarely. Unlike the Yamaha DX7, it has its own red light up LED displays which tells you which parameters are being modified. Inclusion into the chip collection out of pure silly-ness. The only improvement I could think of on this was if they made it out of gold...or if it talked to you in the voice of K.I.T.T. Yamaha must have gotten their engineers together and said "hey lets make the most extravagantly heavy digital synthesizer ever". Its still really lovable though. If you want these types signature digital of sounds nowadays, your better off getting a DX200, Native Instruments FM8, or just your computer's generic VSTs. Its almost exactly the same because FM synthesis uses mathematical calculations instead of analog circuitry or analog modeling.

Year: 1985

Why: To make a redicoulously more expensive version of the Dx7.


Super nice wood finish, and really nice keys.

Estimated Price: $4000ish U.S.

Sound Demos: I can't find any claiming to be directly out of a DX1.


DX1 Plugin Board! Accepts Dx1 and Dx7 sounds.

Very Nice Photos showing its wood frame and inner circuits. Awesome hatch opening action...

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