Thursday, December 21, 2006

Limewax - Scars on the Horizon LP

I got a hold of this limited edition release of Limewax - Scars on the Horizon, a very good drum n bass album that I had never heard of until now. The music is extremely hard sounding drum n bass, but the rhythms contained, make it very enjoyable. Like listening to a million drum marching band on speed. Somehow I am able to listen through the entire cd! Very rare. Very good. I guess the full release comes out in 2007.

 03 I 000 7F 18 8B42 1

here is an ebay auction of it: Limewax - Scars On The Horizon 5LP VERY LIMITED PROMO!! (item 130059490987 end time 24-Dec-06 16:30:20 GMT)

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